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DoTA 6.67b Download – DoTA Allstar 6.67b Official Map Released !!!

while not playing DotA b.net, so surprised to see the official website of dota allstar. It turned out, was to map dota 6.67b. What are the changes here? Let’s see …

6.67b Dota Map Download – Dota-Allstars 6.67b Official Map released has just released! Check out the download link dan changelogs dari Dota 6.67b
di bawah ini ..

Download Map DoTA 6.67b

Dota 6.67b Changelogs:
* Fixed some important bugs from the last patch

Update: Here is some bugs posted here that’s worked, including permanent Critical hit on Gondar/Bounty Hunter. Thanks to all who contributing! 🙂

Bounty Hunter (Permanent Critical)
1. Don’t level up Jinada.
2. Use Windwalk.
3. Break the Windwalk by using Toss on enemy units.
4. Congratulation, now you got Permanent Critical.

*This is fixed on Dota 6.67b

Spiritbreaker (Charge on siege)
1. Cast Charge of the Darkness on the enemies Siege units.
2. After maximum charge, the Siege creeps will destroyed/disappear.
*Cannot Cast Charge of the Darkness anymore on the Dota 6.67b

– Soulsteal credits Neutrals if you suicide with it, on Dota 6.67b fixed as killed himself.
– On Dota 6.67b no longer can cast Soulsteal on allied Siege units.

– On Dota 6.67b fix volume still got disabled when Global Silence is finish.

Below is some other bugs which is also posted but hard to test. If you have time, feel free to try this bugs and share it here the result 🙂
Magnus : Pathing issues when you land with enemy in certain areas.
Clockwerk : Interaction with some dummy units, including sentinels.
Puck : Make sure [Aghanims] always says puck and no side effects.

Enjoy this post! And don’t forget to update your map into Dota 6.67b so you won’t get the above bugs 🙂

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